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Revelation 18:4 "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

That means, "Leave it All"! There are many things that we could discuss about this passage of scripture, but where Hebrew Mountain Manna is concerned, we took a big step towards changing everything that we have known. My wife, a degreed healthcare professional and myself, an ordained minister and independent software consultant, with this venture, are taking a big step away from the city life and the corporate world. We never saw ourselves as farmers but know that this is where our CREATOR has led us.

Many would ask if a small family farm and aqua-culture operation would generate a profit or provide what the world would describe as a profitable lifestyle, like we had in the city. In considering this question, our answer is simple. The business aspect of this choice is "Secondary". If there were no business and no profit, we would still be food growers. This is what we live, profit or no profit.

What is a food grower? A food grower used to be a person who loved the earth and the animals as Adam did, in the garden. He was a person who witnessed seed time and harvest on a daily basis and lived it. Here at Hebrew Mountain Manna, that's what we believe and that's what we mean when you see the words "Food Grower".

Through Aquaponics and horticulture, we grow food in the way that nature designed the process and we love what we do! You will taste this love in all of our products, whether it be fresh fish, micro-greens or full grown vegetables. You will see it in the level of quality that goes into our seed cultivation and selection.

**Lots of things are changing! Stay tuned.

The Williams Family.
Food Growers

Is Tilapia bad for your health?

The short answer is "It Depends". It all depends on what your source for tilapia is using as feed. Right now, Tilapia gets a lot of bad press based upon the feeding and propagation practices of "Corporate" fish farms. When you feed a fish a diet of animal waste or GMO franken-food, you get a product that is not healthy. But when you feed your Tilapia a diet of natural grains and vegetables, you produce fish that are packed protein and fatty acids. As for the "Tilapia is Worse for you than Bacon" articles circulating the internet, I'd call this a half-truth. Corporate fish farms are just that, "Corporate". Maximum production at minimum costs is never a good match with anything consumed. In short, corporate farms that raise Tilapia are on about the same level as corporate farms that raise beef loaded with antibiotics and steroids. At Hebrew Mountain Manna, our Tilapia are fed a diet of grains and vegetables. We "Never" use feeds made from land animal products or fish meals. This means healthy, plentiful protein.... and it tastes pretty good too!

What's the big deal about organically and home grown vegetables?

First and foremost, organic and home grown vegetables are going have a drastically higher nutrient density than the non-organic varieties. This makes a difference and a significant health impact for those consuming these products. Secondarily, the enzyme density in organic fruits and vegetables is significantly higher. This makes a huge impact on the levels of healthy gut flora and the control of candida yeast. The health (or lack thereof) of our intestinal tract has a direct affect on the over-all health of the body. Organic fruits and vegetables aid in digestion and can help cleanse the body of impurities. Growing our own, organically, ensures that we are consuming light and not someone's science project.

The Potato Alternative! The Sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke.

My family eats a lot of potatoes. I mean "A Lot" of them! We are still working to find a variety that grows aggressively in our heartiness zone. In our evaluation this year we made a great discovery. That discovery is another tuber called "Jerusalem Artichokes". These guys are awesome! They have a very earthy taste and a meaty sort of texture. On the production side of the evaluation, this tuber grows like a weed and is a perennial, which is heads and shoulders better than our standard potato. We grew ours in containers, so we set aside a few tubers to replant for over-wintering. We did this last winter and in mid spring, the plants came up on their own. Now, are we looking to eliminate potatoes from our gardening and product offering? No we aren't. That said, we will be growing a whole lot of Sunchokes from now on, in addition to finding the right variety of potato. We plan on making this tuber one of our mainstay products!

Microgreens? Yes Microgreens!

A new product that we are researching is microgreens. We are very excited about our results thus far! These little guys are ready for harvest in 7-10 days and are packed with nutrition. They add a freshness to many dishes and salads and many have very intense flavor. So far, we've had great success with the Broccoli, Mung Bean, Green Pea, Red Russian Kale, Turnip Green and Radish varieties of microgreens. We are evaluating others and will make a our offering based on our results.

Fresh Produce

All organic, non-gmo seed stock is the source of everything we grow.

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Organic Microgreens

In our research, we kind of stumbled over Microgreens! Now, we are full throated supporters.

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Fresh Tilapia

The key to the entire concept: Healthy and Vibrant Fish!

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Organic Non-GMO Seeds and Seedlings.

Healthy plants seek to reproduce! Lots and lots of seeds are the result.

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Farm Fresh Eggs.

Our latest addition to the product offering! Farm fresh, organically fed eggs.

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Fresh Herb and Vegetable Seeds

What is the world's most effective food storage and distribution system? Seeds!!

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Our FATHER Blesses "Motion" and "Obedience" to HIS word.....

As we have shared over all of our online platforms, "Everything is Changing". How the FATHER has changed our world is that he has given us a place to settle and to apply all that HE has shown us over this last 10 years. Our company just signed a 20 year lease for an 11 acre farm property in rural New Mexico, where we will have the freedom to place into practice "All" of the food production methodologies and knowledge that we have studied and applied. Everything that you have seen, from agriculture, to horticulture, to aquaculture and the rest have always run into challenges due to time or space limitations associated with the properties that we've worked with. The MOST HIGH has removed all of those boundaries with this blessing.

We are now free to be guided by our FATHER and to see how far HE takes us into rebuilding as much of what "Eden" was as we can.

Stay tuned Brothers and Sisters! There is much to come.

Brother D.L. Williams and Family.